Polish flavors in a new version

Rozkoszne Michał Korkosz
The apple from the cover is a symbol of the abundance, richness of Polish crops - tastes and products that you can find in the book < /figcaption>

What is Polish flavor? It is comfort, very delightful... Polish comfort food!

The author of the book "Delightful. Vegetarian feast with Polish flavors" is Michał Korkosz, known online as Rozkoszny. Michał Korkosz, a culinary enthusiast runs one of the most popular and tasty culinary blogs in Poland. Rozkoszny

Rozkoszne Michał Korkosz

"Delightful. Vegetarian feast with Polish flavors" is the younger sister of the English-language book "Fresh from Poland: New Vegetarian Cooking from the Old Country" , in which Michał tells the world about the best flavors of Polish cuisine. The book was very warmly received by critics and international audiences. She was named one of the best cooking books of 2020 by Booklist magazine.

Rozkoszny Michała Korkosz

"Delightful. Vegetarian feast with Polish flavors" is a return to the culinary roots of Michał, who rediscovers Polish vegetarian cuisine. At the beginning, Michał writes about Polish flavors and ingredients. We turn over the pages and the delicious cooking begins. We start with breakfast, then bread and pastries, soups, main courses, salads, salads, dumplings, noodles, sweets, and finally something for the pantry.

Rozkoszne Michał Korkosz

So we have a cross-section of dishes from Polish cuisine, but exceptionally refreshed. In these recipes, the author combined tradition with new discoveries. All dishes are additionally equipped with delicious photos that tempt and stimulate our senses.

For each new cookbook, I want to prepare something immediately. It was the same this time, the choice fell on Lemon lazy light as a cloud ... poetry.

Rozkoszne leniwe Michał Korkosz

"Delightful. Vegetarian feast with Polish flavors" are flavors known to us, but in a new version. How to use this book? Read it from beginning to end, from A to Z - like a novel. It is like a mosaic, the parts of which form a coherent whole .

I recommend it!

I would like to thank the Otwarte publishing house for providing a copy of the book for review.

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