Marhaba! Welcome the whole world to your kitchen! Marhaba. Welcome to cuisine from four corners of the world - Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas - vegetarian recipes from around the world

Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas, novelist, journalist, columnist, culinary traveler. He has been traveling for years, trying local dishes and collecting recipes. She loves street eateries, meetings at the table and eating together with people she meets on the road. Marahab's book, welcome to the kitchen of the four corners of the world, is the result of these travels. It's a story about cooking, childhood flavors, culinary stories from around the world and, at the same time, a cookbook with vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Marhaba. Witaj w kuchni z czterech stron świata - Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas

Marhaba. Welcome to cuisine from four corners of the world  - the recipes in the book are divided into five chapters. Snacks and breakfasts, spreads and dips, dishes for lunch or dinner, soups and desserts. Among the many recipes, we will find ideas for exotic breakfasts, aromatic spreads, Oriental-scented curries, Caribbean soups, and Middle Eastern sweets. This is the cuisine of the author's adoptive homelands - Egyptian Jewish soup, spicy bara pancakes straight from Surinamese street bars, muhamarra - Syrian pepper and nut paste, or Norwegian rutabaga. Kawalas lets his imagination run wild and plays with flavors in the kitchen, combining culinary worlds. The result of these experiments is, among others, focaccia with Indian sauce, or quesadillas with mango instead of cheese.

Dookoła świata można podróżować, nie wychodząc z kuchni!

Marhaba. Welcome to the kitchen from the four corners of the world - Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas. The book was carefully published and illustrated by the Wielka Litera Publishing House, whom I would like to thank for the review copy.

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