After Plenty and Plenty, it's time for Taste - book review

Taste is another vegetarian cookbook in which Yotam Ottolengi helps us appreciate the wonderful power of vegetables. After Plenty and Plenty, Taste is Ottolenghi's third book in which the author shows us how to prepare vegetable dishes in a new and sophisticated way.

Recenzja książki Smak Yotama Ottolengi

The author's mission is to show vegetables in a new and attractive light. In Taste she focuses on the essence of vegetables and the method of extracting the full flavor from them. According to Yotam, three elements determine this: process, connection and product. These are three paths that show what makes some vegetable dishes incredibly delicious.

One of the ways to deepen the taste of vegetables is to subject them to a selected process: toasting, roasting, flavoring and alchemy (fermentation, salting and maturation). Applying the right processes can dramatically change, release or concentrate the flavor of vegetables to make food even more delicious.


The taste of a dish can be deepened by the right combination. Four key connections - with what is sour, spicy, fatty and sweet. With the right combination, we can bring out the full flavor of vegetables, what is hidden and the best.


Ingredients with great flavor potential. In some cases, the ingredient itself has so much flavor that it is able to carry the entire dish without any special additives. Mushrooms, onions, nuts and sugar have such properties.

Flavour Smak Yotam Ottolengi

The recipes in the book are well described and detailed, and each is preceded by a small introduction. These are explanations, tips and advice or the history of the proposed dish. The recipes in the book are not categorized by soups, desserts, salads, etc., but by the methods described above. We don't have to get to know them right away to find a specific recipe. Before we get used to them, we look at the table of contents, where vegetables and ingredients are sorted alphabetically. I like this division, because I often cook with what I have at home and nothing is wasted!

Yotam Ottolenghi SMAK flavour

How do I assess the level of difficulty of the proposed regulations? I believe that most of the recipes can be mastered even by kitchen novices. We can encounter small obstacles when completing the ingredients. We can buy vegetables at local markets, stalls or shops. However, some spices and more special ingredients can only be found in large, well-stocked supermarkets or online oriental food stores.

Is Taste vegetarian? Not really, because Ottolenghi occasionally uses fish sauce or Parmesan cheese in his recipes.

Yotam Ottolenghi SMAK flavour

How can you tell if the recipes and methods in the book are effective? It's best to try them right away! When a new cookbook falls into my hands, I am on a mission to prepare something immediately. The first recipe I made was roasted carrot salad with chamoy. The dish turned out delicious and turned out to be very versatile.

Yotam Ottolenghi SMAK flavour

Mesmerizing cover, mouth-watering photos and great recipes. Taste is a beautifully published book and will be a great gift not only for Christmas.

TASTE - Yotam Ottolenghi, Ixta Belfrage and Tara Wigley
Photographs Jonathan Lovekin
Translation: Anna Palmowska
Year of publication: 2021
Format: 20x27.5 cm
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-83-62903-65-8

Thank you to Filo for providing me with a review copy.

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