Nature's pharmacy has cures for viruses! Zbigniew T.Nowak - book review

Nature's pharmacy has medicines for viruses! Zbigniew T.Nowak - an expert in medicinal plants, for 30 years he has been popularizing knowledge in the field of herbal medicine, apitherapy and a healthy diet.

How to fight viruses? This is a problem that we are probably all struggling with at the moment. Experts around the world are working to discover effective antiviral drugs. Some have decided to look for natural medicines in nature's pharmacy. This is what the guide "Nature's pharmacy has viruses" is about, where the author shares his knowledge about the antiviral effects of many plants and bee products. It turns out that some medicinal plants and bee products have great potential in fighting viruses. These are, among others Baikal skullcap, ginseng, ginger, turmeric, European olive, Japanese knotweed, cinnamon, green tea, elderberry, mullein, aloe vera, garlic, onion, leek, black cumin, liquorice, propolis and honey.

The guide is divided into chapters, where in each one you will find a description and a photo of individual plants and bee products. There are also recipes for simple natural remedies useful in fighting viruses, and even recipes, such as "antiviral salad with the addition of black cumin seed oil".

A very important element is the author's comments regarding contraindications for eating individual plants or preparations prepared from them. It is not enough to reach for selected drugs from nature's pharmacy, you should be careful in dosing and, above all, pay attention to whether a given drug can harm us more than help.

Zbigniew T. Nowak in his book contains a lot of information about the antiviral properties of plants and bee products. "Nature's pharmacy has drugs for viruses!" is a guide for those who are interested in natural medicine and put their hope in the miraculous properties of drugs from nature's pharmacy. Drugs that will help strengthen our immunity and protect against viruses.

"The advice on treating viral infections contained in this book is not a substitute for consulting a doctor. Therefore, neither the author nor the publisher can be held responsible for the effect of the treatment taken"

Title: Nature's pharmacy has drugs for viruses
Author: Zbigniew T. Nowak
Number of pages: 328
Wydawnictwo Aromat Słowa
Release date: July 2020

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