Book review Once a week Vegetable cuisine for the busy by Chloé Sucrée

Chloé Sucrée - author of the culinary book Once a week Vegetarian cuisine for the busy - half Belgian, half Swiss, photographer and founder of a vegetarian blog Being Biotiful . Chloé Sucrée in her book and blog gives inspiring advice on how to use the batch cooking method to prepare healthy vegetarian meals for the whole week in one afternoon.

Raz na tydzień Kuchnia wege dla zabieganych Chloé Sucrée

Batch cooking - what is it?

Eating healthy is not always easy. In order to eat healthy, it is worth spending some time working in the kitchen. However, this may prove to be unrealistic for many people. Work, children, chores, fatigue, lack of inspiration are common reasons for not having time for home cooking. So let's find a system thanks to which we will be able to prepare healthy meals for every day and at the same time spend as little time in the kitchen as possible.

The answer can be found in the method batch cooking , ie "cooking for later", "cooking in batches". The method is to spend a few hours at a time to prepare larger amounts of various meals. These will be meals that can be stored or frozen and then combined as desired during the week.

Benefits of the batch cooking method: time optimization, money saving, daily healthy, home-made and varied meals, weekly shopping, less food throwing away, less dirty dishes.

Raz na tydzień Kuchnia wege dla zabieganych Chloé Sucrée

In the book Once a week Vege Kitchen for the Busy we will find practical advice on how to shop, how to organize your pantry and kitchen space. The author also presents us with a proposal for a weekly menu inspired by the vegetarian recipes found in the book. These are both recipes for dishes that we can prepare in advance, as well as ideas for creating delicious, quick and healthy combinations from them.

Recipes in the book are a chapter with basic, sweet and savory dishes that will be the starting point for creating healthy meals quickly. The following chapters are breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as desserts and snacks.

Raz na tydzień Kuchnia wege dla zabieganych Chloé Sucrée

Each recipe in the book has an appetizing photo of the finished dish, and the recipe index is the way I like it, that is by ingredients. I believe that such an index is an important element in culinary books, especially when we have a product and we lack ideas for its use. I recommend.

Raz na tydzień Kuchnia wege dla zabieganych Chloé Sucrée

Title - Once a week Vegetarian cuisine for the busy
Author - Chloé Sucrée
Publisher - Buchmann
Format - 190 x 225
Number of pages - 256
ISBN - 978-83-280 -7279-4

Thank you Buchmann for providing a copy of the book for review.

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