The author of the book O! Ukraine Weronika Marczuk, "Ukrainian on duty in Poland" has been bringing Ukraine closer to Poles for years, and to Poles in the East - Poland. 2021 is a special time for Weronika. She was born in Kiev, has been living in Warsaw for 30 years and is celebrating the jubilee of her relationship with Poland. It is also the 30th anniversary of Ukraine regaining independence. To celebrate both anniversaries, Weronika is presenting her book-journey O! Ukraine, a guide to flavors and flavors.

o ukraina książka album weronika marczuk

Book O! Ukraine is an extraordinary guide in which the author presents various places, phenomena and tastes from beyond the eastern border. It is a comprehensive and inspiring story about Ukraine, the homeland of Weronika Marczuk, which, despite emigration, is close to her heart. The album presents 30 multidimensional stories about Ukraine interspersed with the same number of recipes of Ukrainian cuisine. The variety of recipes that the author knows from her Ukrainian home allows you to explore our eastern neighbor through the flavors.

serniczki o ukraina

Tastes and flavors of Ukrainian cuisine. The book includes recipes for Ukrainian red borscht, green borscht and fish sauce. Baked carp in two versions, herring under the shell and boiled crayfish. A few salads, pickled tomatoes, and glaze. There will be meat and vegetable recipes. Skewers, Kiev style cutlet, liver with apple, baked and fried potatoes or cabbage. When it comes to sauerkraut, specifically sauerkraut, my attention was caught fuczki - sauerkraut pancakes, which I prepared right away. For dessert, we have cheesecakes or dumplings with cherries, and at the end we make a toast with delicious elderberry champagne.

o ukraina fuczki placki z kiszonej kapusty

In addition to recipes and stories, the album includes conversations with people from Poland and Ukraine - incl. with Jerzy Hoffman, Czesław Mozil, Agnieszka Korytkowska, or Michał Piróg - who tell the author about their experience in Ukraine.

This guide will help you get to know and understand Ukraine. I dream about Ukraine becoming a favorite neighbor, just like Poland is for Ukraine. That my countrymen feel interest and respect not only because of their work, but also because of their great culture and achievements, which are not lacking. That we would exchange as equals with equal views and traditions and join together into a new European society without being offended by the past or failures. It seems to me that this book is able to speed up this process and give a lot of impressions, because I wish it with all my heart to my readers. Weronika Marczuk.

So I invite you to read O! Ukraine and a joint virtual journey with Weronika Marczuk.



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Marzena 2021-12-20 18:30:52

Książka bardzo ciekawa i dla mnie ma mnóstwo inspiracji do zrobienia. Poniekąd to są moje smaki z dzieciństwa🙂


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