Book "Four Seasons in Polanie Smaków" by Andrzej Polan - review

Andrzej Polan - a television personality, but above all an experienced chef and restaurateur, takes us on a unique culinary journey through Poland.

The book Four Seasons at Polana Smaków contains recipes for delicious dishes made of local ingredients. All dishes are prepared in accordance with the ancient rhythm of the four seasons. Each season brings different flavors, so cooking to the rhythm of nature is healthy, but also fascinating.

recenzja książki Cztery pory roku polana smaków Andrzej Polan

The Four Seasons at Polana Smaków Andrzej Polan is an excellent culinary journey through Poland. Traditional flavors of Polish cuisine with a modern twist. Recipes are intertwined with the memories and stories of the author. The book is divided into four chapters: winter, spring, summer and fall.

Książka Cztery pory roku polana smaków Andrzej Polan

Winter . Andrzej Polan begins his culinary journey through the four seasons of the year from Zakopane. Highlander food includes, among others, warming dishes from a cauldron or grilled. We will prepare, among others, a cauldron with groats and smoked bacon and a pork churn. We will grill Krakowski Kołacz, as well as lamb with apples and bacon. This chapter will also include Christmas Eve dishes and local delicacies such as sauerkraut soup and ciula with rye.

Spring . In search of spring, we will go to Mazovia. Already at the beginning there is a flowery and fragrant - elderberry flower syrup, syrup from lilac and pine shoots. For dessert, shortbread with chocolate and rhubarb and a cake with strawberries. In spring, youth reigns in the stalls: butter lettuce, radishes, young cabbage, asparagus, beetroot and young sorrel. It is a real paradise for a cook, so we will prepare butter lettuce soup, spring stew, sorrel soup with Russian or beetroot pancake with buttermilk and horseradish ice cream.

Summer , a time to relax and travel, this time in a motorhome. What is he proposing in Polan na glade? Broth from the fire, salmon marinated in rhubarb juice, tuna with tomatoes and plums, cod in butter with beans and solirodium.

Autumn . Golden Polish autumn, a special, joyful and nostalgic time. This time of year is all about pumpkins, mushrooms, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers. We will prepare brine with salmon, rice soup with sauerkraut juice, cabbage rolls with buckwheat and peas, herring in geese, and butter cotta with grapes for dessert.

Kuchnia regionalna Cztery pory roku polana smaków Andrzej Polan

This is what Poland tastes like - a country that offers us real culinary wonders. Feast with friends and relish the moments. Seasonal!

Four Seasons in a Glade of Tastes - Andrzej Polan
The book was published by the Słowne publishing house, which I thank for the reviewer



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