Homemade silage that heals - Ewa Sypnik - Pogorzelska and Magdalena Jarzynka - Jendrzejewska - Healthy and tasty silage for the four seasons.

Homemade pickles that heal is a book by Ewa Sypnik-Pogorzelska and Magdalena Jarzynka-Jendrzejewska, certified dietitians from the vocation and founders of the Dietosphere Dietary Clinic.

The pickling of vegetables and fruits is one of the oldest and natural ways to extend their life. Currently, fermentation has become very popular and even fashionable. Silage is a wealth of vitamins, minerals and probiotics that have a beneficial effect on our digestive and immune systems. Fermentation is not a complicated process, and we do not need exceptional culinary skills or sophisticated equipment to prepare the silages. Theoretically, anyone can chew!

The authors initially explain what the fermentation process is and what is the difference between pickling and souring. They describe the beneficial and health-promoting properties of silage, and who should not eat them. The book contains many unique recipes for pickled vegetables. From the most traditional pickled cucumbers in Polish cuisine, cabbage, beetroot, to experiments with onions, zucchini, pumpkin or celery. In addition to vegetable recipes, we also have recipes for pickled fruits such as apples, plums and lemons. Each recipe is enriched with ideas for the use of a specific silage.

Homemade silage that heals is a practical guide full of knowledge, ideas and inspiration for healthy homemade preserves. I recommend it to all those who like new flavors and experiments in the kitchen, and above all to those who want to take care of a proper diet and health.

Title: Home silage that heal
Author: Ewa Sypnik - Pogorzelska, Magdalena Jarzynka - Jędrzejewska
Number of pages: 224
Number of recipes: 80
Wydawnictwo RM
Date of issue: July 2020

Thanks to RM publisher for providing a copy of the book for review.

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