Ensiling and fermentation. Home remedies - Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska and Beata Dąbrowska - book review

"Pickling and fermentation with Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska. Home methods". The book by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska and Beata Dąbrowska is another book that shows the richness of plant cuisine. Silage supports the immune and digestive systems. The natural preservation process does not deprive the products of their nutrients, which is why fermented foods are extremely healthy.

kieszenie i fermentacja z dąbrowską

In the book you will find: - tips on choosing products for pickling and what to pickle them in best,
- recipes for homemade pickled vegetables and fruits
- tips on how to make homemade sour milk, kefir, yoghurt or cured eggs,
- recipes for kimchi, kombucha, beetroot leaven, sourdough bread.

Among the interesting recipes for silage, it is worth mentioning: sauerkraut with ginger and carrot, pickled apples and lemons, pickled radishes and pickled pineapple, and more precisely pickled pineapple peels. For me, a curiosity is the recipe for fermented ketchup and salsa. In the tomato season, I will prepare and share with you the recipe and opinion.

kieszenie i fermentacja z dąbrowską

The book contains not only recipes for fermented dishes, but also ideas on how to use ready-made silage in the kitchen.

Silage is part of the recommended five daily servings of vegetables and fruit. Silage is a food full of life, so it is worth including them in your diet on a permanent basis. All you need is a good quality product and a simple recipe to provide yourself with bioactive, live food!

kieszenie i fermentacja z dąbrowską

For lovers of the nutrition concept of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska, valuable information is added to the recipes, at what stage of fasting or diet the fermented product can be used.

Book "Pickling and fermentation with Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska. Home methods" Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska and Beata Dąbrowska - Wydawnictwo WAM

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