Byung-Hi Lim's book, Byung-Soon Lim "Korea. Not only kimchi" - 50 inspiring recipes from Korean cuisine

According to a Korean proverb, if you have kimchi and rice, your meal is ready.

Korean cuisine is not only kimchi. The secret of this cuisine lies in the contrasts of tastes, colors, textures and temperatures. It's a " sumptuous firework display " for all senses, but kimchi is the common denominator. Many Koreans seem to be obsessed with kimchi, on average they eat around a hundred grams a day.

korea nie tylko kimchi książka kucharska kulinarna

The authors of the book, the sisters Byung-Hi Lim and Byung-Soon Lim together with their mother and aunt, run the Arirang restaurant in Stockholm. They serve Korean dishes at their best, which is why it is a must-see on the map of every European gourmet of world cuisine.

With the book Korea - Not Only Kimchi , you will learn some tricks and ways to make your own kimchi from Chinese cabbage, radish, cucumber, pumpkin, coleslaw, carrots, oysters and ginseng.

In addition to recipes for various kimchi, in the book you will also find ideas for dishes with the addition of kimchi and other Korean dishes, not only with kimchi. I am surprised by the recipe for "Kimchitini", i.e. a drink made of vermouth, sake and... kimchi.

I prepare kimchi quite often and from various ingredients, but I still found many new ideas and inspirations for another silage in the book. " Kimchi is not a dish, a meal or a recipe. It's an activity stretched over time ", that's why I prepared Korean Mandu dumplings for a delicious start to the adventure with the book.

pierożki mandu kuchnia koreańska
mandu koreańskie pierogi nie tylko kimchi

Are you ready to throw yourself into the wonderful world of Korean flavors? Me, and I'll be throwing you something delicious, often spicy once in a while ;-)

I would like to thank the publishing house Prószyński i S-ka for providing the reviewer.

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