Pitaja (Pitahaya), is an exotic fruit also known as dragon fruit or strawberry pear. The taste is not too sweet, slightly sour, something between strawberry and kiwi. It is an ideal addition to desserts. In combination with mango, pomegranate seeds and tapioca pearls, we get a delicious one an exotic dessert.

What are tapioca pearls? It is a granulate made from starch obtained from cassava root. Cassava starch is formed into granules, w sizes from 1 to 8 millimeters. This is the most common form of tapioca products, though they are also available in the form of powder, flakes or sticks.

Mousse can be prepared with ripe mango, but I recommend using canned mango pulp for this dessert, because it is sweeter and fits perfectly with the other ingredients. You can buy it, like tapioca pearls, in online stores, e.g. w Cuisins of the World


100 g of tapioca - thick pearl*

600 ml of water

300 g canned mango pulp

1 pitaya fruit

pomegranate seeds

several sprigs of mint


Pour water into the pot and bring it to a boil. Drop the tapioca pearls into boiling water and cook for about 30 minutes on low heat until the balls become slightly transparent. Add water if needed to keep it from sticking. When the balls become transparent, pour the whole thing into a sieve and rinse with cold water, drain.

Mix the embedded pearls with the mango pulp (at this stage, you can put the mango with tapioca in a container and put it in the fridge until you prepare the dessert).

Slice the pitaya fruit in half lengthwise and use a spoon to gently scoop out the flesh so as not to damage the skin. A special spoon for cutting fruit balls works well. We fill it with mango and tapioca mousse, add pitaya balls and pomegranate seeds. For decoration and taste, add mango leaves and eat right away! Dessert can also be served in glasses or bowls. We can add as much pomegranate seeds as we like.


* As there are different types of tapioca on sale, please follow the information and cooking tips on the package.

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Hubert Kolanowski 2019-10-22 11:18:34

Uwielbiam kulki z tapioki za ich uniwersalność - dodawanie do koktajli, deserów, lodów, a nawet widziałem, że ktoś robił z nią popularną Bubble Tea :) Smakowicie - jak w lato!


TajemniceSmaku 2019-10-24 20:38:48

Tak, perełki z tapioki to bardzo uniwersalny produkt, właśnie za to również bardzo je lubię 😉


iza 2019-10-22 19:07:10

przepięknie wygląda ten deser


TajemniceSmaku 2019-10-24 20:40:04

Dziękuję 🙂


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