BORSUKI - a village situated on the Bug, in the "Podlaski Przełom Bugu" Landscape Park.

There is a beautiful manor house on the outskirts of the village - Dwór Zaścianek . It is a transported and rebuilt house after a primary school from the village of Próchenki.


Ela and Zbyszek Aftaruk have created a place with a family atmosphere and tasty regional cuisine. The hosts pay special attention to healthy and local food. Most of the products are made in the Manor. Sourdough bread, smoked meats, baked pates, tinctures... and many, many other delicacies. At the end of the day, a session in the Russian banya - relaxation for the body and soul.



We spent Saturday afternoon, courtesy of Wiesia and Marek in Borsuki, participating in the preparation of a sękacz from scratch.

More here: SCREW


The weekend has one drawback - it is short... but we still managed to make a quick tour of the area on Sunday.

The first attraction was a ferry crossing the Bug River, Mielnik - Zabuże .
You can cross both people and cars, up to forty people can be on board and two cars. The ferry is powered by the hands of a two-man crew.


The next stop was Holy Mount Grabarka , a place where Orthodox pilgrims have been walking for centuries. It is considered the most important place of Orthodox worship in Poland. The church on the top of the hill is surrounded by thousands of wooden and metal votive crosses. People have been bringing crosses since 1710 with prayers for help in various difficult life situations and thanksgiving.



After visiting Grabarka, we went to Koterki , picturesquely situated in the middle of the forest, right next to the border with Belarus. Of the Virgin Mary, a resident of a nearby village. Next to the church, there is a well with spring water, which is said to have healing powers.


We ended the trip at the Horse Stud in Janów Podlaski.



Late in the afternoon we returned to Borsuk, where a delicious dinner was waiting for us. We were served, among others, pumpkin soup with the addition of oranges and we got the recipe! Pumpkin cream soup


Many thanks to Ela and Zbyszek, for the hospitality, for the atmosphere, for getting to know us with Wiesia and Marek, with whom we baked a sękacz.

Thank you for the sourdough for bread ;-)

Badgers - Dwór Zaścianek - here you relax, here you come back!



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