For fall and winter evenings, I recommend reading "Ramen. Soup of Happiness and Love", necessarily with a cup of green tea.

What is ramen?

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup with toppings. In fact, it is a dish that is easy to make, but requires some knowledge, patience and... love. Ramen is not only a broth with additives and a very fashionable soup recently. A good, properly prepared ramen is " a dish that can bring you bliss, guaranteeing a real explosion of flavors ".

How do I prepare a good ramen?

Chef and food journalist Tove Nilsson and her book "Ramen. Soup of Happiness and Love" come to the rescue. The author introduces us step by step into the world of ramen and proves that we can successfully prepare the perfect ramen in the home kitchen. This is a must for all lovers of this addictive soup.

Book is divided into four chapters:

001 - Basics
002 - Ramen
003 - Other Japanese noodles
004 - Small dishes

001 - Basics, that is everything that is most important in ramen - broth, tare, pasta, additives. As the author writes, broth is the basis of ramen . The secret of a good broth is long cooking time (up to 48 hours) and good quality ingredients. Tare is the essence of taste . The most classic flavor essences are soy sauce and miso, which are mixed with the broth directly in a bowl. They can also be spice pastes, flavored oils, herbal salt, vinegars or citrus. Pasta is an independent scientific discipline . Real ramen noodles are made exclusively from wheat flour, water and canusia. What is canusi? It is a solution that can be compared to baking powder or alkaline water - an alkaline substance that, when combined with flour and water, changes the chemical composition of gluten in flour. The pasta becomes firmer and more elastic. Due to the fact that canus is difficult to access, Tove Nilsson suggests what and how to replace this important ingredient. In the ramen bowl counts every element . Side dishes like pork, eggs, spring onions, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots... stock, tare, noodles and ramen ready!

002 - Ramen - there are over twenty ramen recipes in this chapter. Miso ramen, kimchi ramen, shoyu ramen, mushroom tofu ramen... and all recipes come with mouth-watering photos.

003 - Others Japanese noodles - tsukamen (cold ramen noodles), udon and soba.

004 - Small dishes such as Japanese fried chicken, vegetarian dishes, tempura, gyoza dumplings, okonomiyaki and tsukemono cabbage pancakes, which are pickled vegetables, mushrooms and fruits.

"Ramen. Soup of Happiness and Love" is not only a recipe book, it is a guide for preparing the best ramen at home. Condition? The book should be read cover to cover!

I would like to thank the publisher Prószynski i S-ka for providing a copy of the book for review.

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