Rukmini Iyer - Bake it! Discover the magic of a fail-proof kitchen!

Rukmini Iyer - the best-selling cookbook author, an everyday food stylist in the UK. "Bake it!" she wrote with herself in mind. When she came home after a day of work, she dreamed of relaxing on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine in her hand, while the oven would do all the work for her... Bake it! is the answer to kitchen needs busy people who want to cook quickly, healthy, delicious and beautiful.

To create a nutritious dish, we only need one dish, a cutting board and an oven. Products? All we have at hand is enough! All recipes are defeat-proof - you just can't spoil them. Even the greatest amateur will meet any of the recipes, and the end result will delight with the taste and appearance of many gourmets.

upiecz to Rukmini Iyer Książka

The book is divided into eight thematic chapters:

  • fish dishes
  • roast chicken
  • vegetable feast
  • quick and simmer baked
  • rice and noodles < / li>
  • super cereals
  • cookies and bars

The recipes in each chapter are arranged according to the preparation time. At the beginning, we find recipes for dishes that last less than 30 minutes, followed by recipes with longer baking times. The preparation of meals requires a minimum of work, it is enough to roughly chop the ingredients, season and put in the oven. Dinner prepares itself! During this time, we can take a bath, read a book or lie down on the couch with a glass of wine.

The dishes are simple and quick to prepare, it is easy to find in the book an idea for a dish using products that we have at home. As proof baked pumpkin with sage, mushrooms, feta cheese and tomatoes . I had all the products on hand, mushrooms a little less than in the recipe, but I didn't care at all. It turned out a delicious, true autumn dish that we can modify depending on the situation. Next time I will add a few sausages to them at the end of baking, because I received some delicate remarks at the table that it was delicious, but where is the meat? This is how it is to live with meat eaters ;-)

dynia feta pieczarki szałwia pomidorki koktajlowe sos musztardowy zapiekanka upieczto!

" Are you afraid of experimenting in the kitchen? There are fresh products in your cupboards? Or maybe you are a real foodie - but suffering from chronic lack of time? If you answered" yes "to any of the above questions, you've come to the right place -" Bake this! "is a guarantee of success regardless of your cooking skills. This food practically does itself!"

Bake it! Failure-resistant recipes for every kitchen - Rumini Iyer

I would like to thank Wydawnictwo Znak for making the book available for review.

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Warzywa wyglądają cudnie. Książka bardzo interesująca i idealna na jesienne wariacje przy piekarniku🙂


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