Pickling lemons is an extremely simple task. We cut the fruit, Stuff with salt, stuff it tightly in a jar and pour lemon juice. We are waiting 3 weeks and we have a special addition to the dishes.

What can pickled lemons be used for?

I usually add pickled lemons to tagine (tagine, tajine, tajine), they improve the taste of both meat and vegetarian stews. It adds very small amounts, literally a piece, because the pickled lemons are very aromatic and have a distinctive flavor.


6 lemons

juice from about 6 lemons

6 tablespoons of sea salt

3 sprigs of rosemary

3 - 6 slices of fresh chili (if desired)

olive oil


Thoroughly scrub the lemons (we can additionally scald them), cut the top crosswise, but do not cut it to the end. Stuff each lemon with 1 tablespoon of sea salt and place it tightly in a scalded jar. Add rosemary and chili and pour lemon juice over it, so that the fruit is covered with liquid. We screw the jar on and leave it for about 3 weeks. After this time, keep the lemons in the refrigerator. After pickling, we can additionally preserve the lemons by pouring a spoonful of olive oil over it.

Enjoy your meal!

Jars Weck - TGhome

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