Italian cookies, Italian wine and own vineyard in Tuscany

Italian cookies, Italian wine and your own vineyard in Tuscany?
Yes, it is possible now. Thanks to the Viticulture board game, we will become the owners of the vineyards, and while managing and caring for their development, we can sip wine while biting a cookie.


Italian, traditional cantuccini with almonds is a great dessert for coffee, tea or sweet wine Vin Santo Toscano. This time I propose a slightly different version. It is not a traditional recipe, but it fits perfectly with the dry note of red wine.


250 g of flour (I have the "00" type for pizza)

180 g of sugar

2 eggs

30 g of black cocoa

1 teaspoon of baking powder

a pinch of salt

100 g of almonds, peeled

50 g of raisins


Chop half of the almonds, leave the other half whole and put it aside. In one bowl, beat the eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt until you get a fluffy mass. Sift flour, cocoa, baking powder into the second bowl and mix thoroughly. Combine the dry ingredients with the egg mass and knead it. When we get a homogeneous mass, we put the dough on the pastry board, sprinkled with flour. Add raisins and almonds and knead them together with the dough. Form two rolls of dough, each about 30 cm long and 3 cm wide, and slightly flatten them.

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C and bake the dough "rolls" for 15 minutes. Then take them out and reduce the oven temperature to 150 ° C. Carefully cut the rollers into strips about 1 cm wide (across or slightly diagonally). Put the cut cookies on a baking tray and bake them for 8-10 minutes at 150 ° C. Let it cool on a wire rack.

Enjoy your meal!


"Immerse yourself in the world of traditional Tuscan vineyards, where strategic planning is also important in addition to wine making skills. You will plant grapevines, harvest grapes, keep wine aging and fulfill merchant orders to create the finest vineyard in Italy! "

Meet Viticulture Essential Edition, is a strategic board game that recently (information as of June 15, 2020) has been ranked 22nd in the BGG board games ranking (BoardGameGeek - a portal that is a compendium of knowledge about board games from around the world). The goal of the game is to gain as much reputation as possible on our vineyard, which is represented by victory points. In the game, we play the role of the owner of a modest vineyard in Tuscany. Our task is to strategically manage a team of employees, extend the vineyard, produce wine and sell it.

The graphics and workmanship create a very positive impression. The creators of the game made sure that the atmosphere of traditional Tuscan vineyards was felt throughout the game. The actions were divided into four seasons, which correspond to the activities accompanying the production of wine. At the right time of the year, we plant vines, pick grapes, hire employees, expand vineyards, fulfill orders, and our wines in the cellar age each year, thus increasing their value. There are many combinations that the game offers to achieve the goal. Each turn, we send workers to the appropriate fields, before our opponent takes them. Randomness, which differentiates the games, accompanies the drawing of cards from four decks: grapevines, orders, and summer and winter guests. The rules are very intuitive and inexperienced players will learn them very quickly.

Viticulture Essential Edition

A game for 1-6 players aged 13 and over. Game time 45 - 90 minutes.

Game elements

232 cards, including:

  • 42 Vine cards (green)
  • 36 Order cards (purple)
  • 38 Summer Guest cards (yellow)
  • 38 Winter Guest cards (blue)
  • 18 Field cards (with field instructions)
  • 36 Mother and Father cards (pink and blue)
  • 24 Automa cards (beige)
  • li>


  • 1 main board
  • 6 Vineyard boards


  • 30 employees (5 each in 6 different colors) and 1 temporary employee (gray)
  • 6 large employees (1 each in 6 colors)
  • 6 Wake Up pawns (Roosters)
  • 6 Victory point markers (Corks)
  • 6 Payout markers (Bottles)
  • 48 Construction markers (8 of each color)

    Tokens and markers

    • 72 lira tokens
    • 50 glass tokens (grape and wine)
    • 1 token of the first player (bunch of grapes)

    Instructions and abbreviation of rules in Polish.

    Publisher: Stonemaier Games
    Game authors: Jamey Stegmaier, Alan Stone and Morten Monrad Pedersen
    Official game partner: TiM SA.

    Viticulture is a game worth recommending, especially for spending the evening with the family. And if it is an adult bunch, like mine, there must be good Italian wine. So we run a vineyard while tasting Passiamo wines and black cantuccini cookies. The game offers many possibilities, so we will be happy to repeat this evening in the near future.

    Tuscany - Viticulture addition

    Toskania Viticulture

    October 2020
    Tuscany in Poland!
    TUSCANY is an expansion pack for Viticulture, originally released as the Tuscany Essential Edition, containing three expansion modules that can be used in any combination (extended board, special workers and new constructions).

    Viticulture must be played to play!

    Extension Elements:

    • 1 board (double-sided)
    • 36 influence markers in 6 player colors
    • 36 construction cards (orange)
    • 6 construction boards
    • 11 special worker cards
    • 14 special worker

    Game authors: Jamey Stegmaier, Alan Stone and Morten Monrad Pedersen
    Tuscany, official game partner: TiM producer: Vertima

    The entry was made in cooperation with TIM

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    CookUp 2020-06-22 17:41:08

    Cantuccini i wino to doskonały sposób, aby w zaciszu salonu, gdy za oknem pada deszcz, poczuć prawdziwą, słoneczną Italię. Do tej pory własna winnica gdzieś na zboczach toskańskich wzgórz była tylko marzeniem, ale chyba musimy wprowadzić je w życie zgodnie z Twoją zachętą. Gra prezentuje się świetnie, a jeśli ma włoski klimat to absolutnie nie potrzeba nic więcej! :)


    TajemniceSmaku 2020-06-24 02:08:10

    Tak, gra ma bardzo włoski klimat 🙂 a włoskie wino, popijane (z umiarem) w trakcie rozgrywek podkreśla ten klimat jeszcze bardziej 😉


    Ewelina 2022-05-27 06:00:09

    Idealny sposób, żeby spędzić wieczór :)


    TajemniceSmaku 2022-05-28 13:37:47

    ooo, tak 🙂


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