Amy Blackthorn - Botanical elixirs - book review

From time immemorial, people have been fascinated by the vision of bubbling cauldrons full of magical infusions and potions.
Time for a little magic then!

Learn the magical uses of plants and traditional ingredients from the wild garden and cuisine.
In the book Botanical Elixirs you will learn which plants can serve as protective talismans, why tea can fulfill our hidden desires... what drinks Ernest Hemingway was drinking in the moonlight.

Recenzja książki Botaniczne eliksiry Amy Blackthorn

In the book Botanical elixirs you will find a lot of curiosities and recipes for delicious drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as magic spells. A spell for difficulties in relationships, a spell of passion, rebirth, gratitude or a spell of peaceful separation.

Botaniczne eliksiry  - ziołowe napary, magiczne herbaty i ogniste trunki  - Amy Blackthorn

Particularly noteworthy is the chapter " Love potions, the magic of tea and honey ". Tea is a plant of transformation, comes in many varieties and is prepared in many ways. The author will guide us through the world of teas and help us create our own magic tea.

I recommend the tea, Seize the day! Yerba mate, ginger, cayenne pepper, and allspice.
" Drink it in the morning and you'll be ready to conquer Rome before you get to work ".

Botaniczne eliksiry  - ziołowe napary, magiczne herbaty i ogniste trunki  - Amy Blackthorn

What to do with unused potion ingredients? The penultimate chapter is full of ideas for extending the life of your magic potions. I was enchanted by the creme fraiche cheesecake with lavender and black pepper, I think I'll try it.

Let magic happen!

Botanical elixirs, herbal infusions, magic teas and fiery liquors - Amy Blackthorn
Book premiere March 24, 2021
Thank you Wydawnictwo Znak for providing a copy of the book for review.

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