Grape vinegar - homemade preserves. How to make homemade wine vinegar, i.e. grape vinegar

Making vinegar yourself is neither time consuming nor requires any special skills. It's a very easy process, so make your own vinegar at home. The more so that wine vinegar is one of the most commonly used vinegars in the kitchen.

domowy ocet winny wionogronowy przetwory domowe

To make wine vinegar, we can use fresh grapes, grape juice, grape pomace or even wine. I recommend, however, to use fresh, ripe and aromatic fruit, and we will get the tastiest vinegar.


  • 1 kg of grapes
  • 25 g of cane or white sugar
  • 500 ml of boiled water
  • or if you have 30 ml of homemade starter vinegar, to speed up fermentation
winogrona ogrodowe ciemne i jasne


  1. Dissolve sugar in warm water.
  2. Pry the fruit off the twigs and throw it into the jar. At this stage, we can crush the fruit or slightly crush it (I decided to leave the fruit whole this time).
  3. We pour the grapes with sugar water.
  4. If we have, we add a starter in the form of homemade wine or apple vinegar. A bit of such vinegar will accelerate fermentation.
  5. Press the fruit so that nothing flows onto the surface of the brine, otherwise it will start to mold. We can press down with a small plate, a glass lid from weck type jars, a stone, a small jar filled with water or special pickle clamps.
  6. Cover the fruit jar with a cloth or gauze folded several times and leave it in a warm place for about 7 - 14 days.
  7. It is important to feel the right moment when we should separate the liquid from the fruit.
  8. The finished vinegar will be recognized by a slight, healthy turbidity, pleasant smell and, of course, taste. So it's worth checking the jar from time to time and trying.
  9. Strain the vinegar from the fermented product and pour it into bottles.
  10. We leave it to ripen preferably for a few months.
ocet z winogron

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Marzena 2021-09-28 10:18:42

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A jak poznać, że to już trzeba oddzielić?


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Najlepiej spróbować, jeżeli płyn smakuje, jak ocet to można oddzielać


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Myślę, że jeszcze pracuje, za jakiś czas powinien zacząć pachnieć octem


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