Dietary version of the best-selling lunchboxes!

Malwina Bareła, author of the culinary blog Philosophy of taste presents another, already third book from the "Lunchbox" series.

lunch box fit bento malwina bareła filozofia smaku

Lunchbox for every day - Fit Bento - Malwina Bareła

Quick, simple and varied recipes made from seasonal ingredients. Tasty breakfasts, lunch sets, also perfect for lunch or dinner, light and full of flavor desserts. In the book you will find dishes that can be packed into a lunchbox or eaten with taste at home.

lunchbox na każdy dziń fit bento

Meals are composed not only for those who want to lose weight and take care of their health and body. Also for everyone who wants to eat more vegetables, eat healthily and look for tips on how to be fit.
Malwina presents in her book about 120 recipes for balanced lunchbox meals. Each recipe contains information about the calorific value of the dish and the macronutrients it contains. Most of the created bento sets consist of 1 or 2 take-away meals and are around 500-600 kcal. Moreover, the recipes have vegetarian alternatives for those of you who do not eat meat.

lunchbox 3 fit bento

Recipes in the book can be found according to several practical keys. We search for recipes according to the table of contents taking into account the seasons or a detailed index of ingredients. Particularly noteworthy is the index, in which the author has included recipes broken down into several caloric thresholds.
Now you can compose and prepare your own dietary catering at home. You eat what you want and like!
The whole was enriched with the zero waste idea... and nothing is wasted!

I recommend an idea for an addition to a lunchbox or a party snack - rolls with figs, mozzarella and ham

lunchbox fit bento koreczki sałatka na patyku

Lunchbox for every day - Fit Bento - Malwina Bareła

I would like to thank Wydawnictwo Znak for making the book available for review.

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