Pickled cucumbers, homemade preserves for the winter. A simple, traditional recipe for pickled cucumbers.

Souring vegetables is one of the oldest ways to extend their life. Currently, fermentation has become very popular and even fashionable. We ferment not only cucumbers and cabbage, but also other vegetables and fruits.

Pickled cucumbers are a classic, however, not every farm has a custom of preparing this silage. It's worth a try, because it's a very simple way of preserving food. You will also find out that no pickles will be as delicious as our own.

INGREDIENTS - additives per liter jar

  • ground cucumbers, hard and small
  • 1 - 2 umbels of fennel
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • horseradish root - about 3 cm 2 leaves (to choose from: leaves of black currant, cherry, oak, vine or borage)
  • Brine: for 1 l of boiled water - 1.5 tablespoons of rock salt

    1. Brine - boil water, add salt, stir and cool.
    2. Pour the cucumbers with cold water and soak for an hour. After this time, wash the cucumbers and drain them from the water.
    3. Wash and peel the garlic and horseradish as well.
    4. Place the cucumbers tightly in a jar (preferably vertically), alternating with additives, and pour over the cooled brine. Make sure the cucumbers and additions are completely covered with brine.
    5. Close the jars and set aside in a shaded place at room temperature for a week or two.
    6. If you pickle cucumbers on hot days, fermentation will be much faster. The cucumbers will be ready when the flooding becomes cloudy, then it is best to put the silage in a cool room.

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    Marzena 2020-07-30 07:42:29

    Już mam pokiszone ogórki. Ale zdjęcie tak mnie urzekło...🙂 Piękne!
    My jeszcze dodajemy kawałeczek ostrej papryki.


    TajemniceSmaku 2020-08-04 01:28:17

    Tak, ostra papryka to bardzo dobry pomysł! Do części słoików dosypuję czasami chili w płatkach 😉


    Danuta 2020-08-03 10:28:03

    Żeby ogórki były pachnące należy dodać więcej kopru, czy więcej tym lepiej.


    TajemniceSmaku 2020-08-04 01:26:08

    Tak jest 🙂


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