Sweet, delicious and crunchy rosettes for carnival, for holidays and for every other day

Carnival rosettes. To make these crispy and delicious cookies, we need a special rosette mold. I remember this mold from my childhood, but unfortunately I couldn't find it in my family home. It got lost somewhere and I forgot about the cookies. However, when I saw this miracle at the flea market, the memories came back and I came back... to the house with the mold.


I checked, you can also buy such molds online, in various shapes. The rosettes from my mold look like winter snowflakes, they will be perfect for the holidays. These cookies during the carnival and Fat Thursday will also be perfect, because they are delicious, crunchy and sweet.


200 g flour type 500 or fine flour

250 ​​ml of milk (I made my cake with 200 ml of water and 50 ml of natural yogurt)

10g of sugar

pinch of salt

2 eggs

15 ml of rum or other alcohol - optional

frying oil

powdered sugar for sprinkling


Crack eggs into a bowl, add flour, milk (or like me: water and yogurt), sugar, salt and possibly rum. Mix the ingredients until you get a smooth dough, put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes or more. The dough for rosettes should be a little thicker than for pancakes.

Pour the oil into a heavy-bottomed pan. I only have one mold, so I fry the rosettes one by one. Thus, I do not need a large pot or more oil. I pour it to about 5 cm of the height of the pot.

Oil We heat the oil to a temperature of about 180°C. If you don't have a thermometer, there's an easy way to check if the oil is ready for frying. Dip a wooden stick into the bottom of the pot for a moment. It can be a skewer stick or a bamboo sushi stick. When small bubbles appear near the stick, the oil is ready for frying.

When the oil temperature reaches 180°C, we start frying the rosettes. The dough should be cold, so we take the dough out of the fridge just before frying and mix it thoroughly.

Heat the mold before dipping it in the dough in a pot with oil for about 10 - 15 seconds (a little longer the first time). Take it out, drain the oil for a second on a paper towel and immerse the mold in the dough up to 3/4 of the mold's height - do not immerse the whole mold! This is very important, because if we dip the entire mold in the batter, we will not tear it off during frying her cakes. When the hot mold touches the dough, we will hear the characteristic sizzle, then we transfer it to the hot oil.

The dough will start to fry and rise. When it takes on a golden color, it will either peel off from the mold by itself, or you need to help it with a wooden stick. Turn over for a moment to the other side, and leave the mold in the pot to heat up again for a while. Remove the rosette from the oil and put it on a paper towel to drain off the fat.

We repeat all the steps until we fry the whole dough. It's a bit of fun with it, so it's worth getting a second rosette mould, preferably with a different pattern.

When the rosettes cool down, sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

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