If you don't have an idea for a gift, you can replace cut flowers for a bouquet with flowers in a dessert. There are no more valuable gifts than those prepared by hand. Just remember about allergies!

The dessert is trivially easy to make, although "gluing" the flowers requires a bit of patience.

In addition to pansies, there are many other edible flowers. Małgorzata Kalemba-Drożdż is an authority in this field. Check out A bit of a different pastry shop, there you will find comprehensive information about the flowers that we can eat, not only with the eyes...



1 l of birch juice - flavored, from a bottle*

20 g of gelatine (according to the manufacturer for 1 l of liquid)

a handful of garden pansies

a teaspoon of oil


250g ricotta

250g mascarpone

1 packet of grape flavored transparent jelly

lime juice

100ml hot boiled water


We grease a mold with a capacity of 1.5 l with a thin layer of oil.


200 ml of birch sap heat in a small pot, dissolve the gelatine in the hot juice, and stir intensively. When the gelatin is well dissolved, we combine it with the remaining birch sap. Set aside and wait for the jelly to set slightly.

Pour a small amount of jelly at the bottom of the mold and place the pansy flowers on the surface, the nicer side down - what is now at the bottom will ultimately be at the top. Put in the fridge until the jelly solidifies. Then we dip the next pansies in jelly and stick them to the sides of the mold and... again to the fridge. When the jelly solidifies and the flowers stick to the sides, we can pour the remaining jelly and... into the fridge!


In a bowl, mix the ricotta and mascarpone cheese together with the lime juice.

In a separate vessel, pour the transparent jelly with hot boiled water and stir intensively all the time. When the jelly is well melted, add it to the ricotta and mascarpone mass and continue to mix intensively. We can use a mixer or a manual whisk for this purpose.

Pour the ready mass onto the solidified birch sap jelly and put it back in the fridge, preferably for a few hours.

Gently remove the cooled cheesecake from the mold onto a platter or a large, flat plate. At this stage we were speechless... a beautiful picture appeared before our eyes. For a long time we could not decide to share the dessert, we wanted to enjoy this wonderful view.

*Birch juice pasteurized in a bottle, usually with the addition of sugar and citric acid. If we use the juice obtained in early spring directly from the tree, then before preparing the jelly, the drink can be slightly sweetened and acidified, e.g. with lime or lemon juice.

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