Choldnik with beetroot is the best soup for hot weather. So far I prepared cold soup traditionally, i.e. I boiled botwinka in water or broth, cooled, added the remaining vegetables, kefir, yogurt, egg and that's it (as a reminder recipe for beetroot cold soup ). This time a little revolution, botwinka I pickled in kefir. You can also ferment in buttermilk, which is why I chose it kefir? Because I have a kefir mushroom, I have plenty of kefir.


1 - 2 bunches of chard with beets

1 - 1.5 l of kefir

1 level teaspoon of salt per 500 ml of kefir

1 clove of garlic per 500 ml of kefir


Wash the chard with beets thoroughly, drain it from the water. Leaves and stems are cut into pieces, the root in thin slices, cubes or rub on a coarse grater. Peel garlic, chop or chop thin slices. We put everything in a jar, pour kefir mixed with salt and close the jar. We leave until fermentation at room temperature for 2 - 3 weeks.

Silage works hard in the first phase, which is why it is important so as not to fill the jar with kefir to the full. For the first few days, we unscrew jar 1 - 2 times a day to degas the silage.

After 2 - 3 weeks, we move the jar with the silage to the fridge. Pickled beetroot can, for example, be mixed into cold soup, add radish, cucumber, chives, dill, egg, avocado or cooked potatoes and we have a ready dish. However, the longer it lasts fermentation, the silage is more intense in taste, then let's treat it use it as an addition to the cooler.


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