Aroniówka - recipe for tincture of chokeberry without cooking - homemade preserves

" Aronia combines the benefits of red wine and green tea - it has both anthocyanins and catechins. Mediterranean wine culture and Far Eastern tea culture meet in a small, dark, but admirable berry!".

It is said that chokeberry tincture strengthens immunity and improves blood circulation. I will not elaborate on other advantages and properties of chokeberry, but I recommend the book "Aronia super fruit" from which the above quote comes.

Aronia tincture from this recipe requires a relatively long aging time to acquire the proper value and taste. The longer it matures, the better it will be! This tincture is strong and not too sweet. If we like sweeter tinctures, add more sugar.

Aronia fruits have a natural tartness and bitterness, to remedy this, the fruits should be harvested after the first frost. In my case, birds are often faster than the first frost, so I pick ripe fruit, strip the stalks and freeze them (minimum 24 hours).


1st stage

  • 1 kg of aronia fruit
  • 400 - 500 g of sugar
  • vanilla pod
  • grated skin and 1 lemon juice
  • 1 cm slice of fresh ginger
  • 750 ml of 70% alcohol

Stage II

  • 500 ml of 40% vodka


Stage I

  1. Pour the frozen aronia berries into the gander, add the vanilla, ginger, lemon zest, lemon juice and sugar.
  2. The whole thing is poured with 70% alcohol, the gander is tightly closed and set aside in a warm and sunny place for 3 weeks, stirring frequently.
  3. After this time, pour the chokeberry infusion into a separate vessel and close it tightly.

Stage II

  1. The chokeberry fruit remaining in the gander should be poured again, this time with 40% vodka and set aside for 2 weeks, stirring frequently.
  2. After this time, combine the alcohol from the fruit with the previously prepared chokeberry infusion.
  3. Put it aside for a minimum of 6 months in a warm and shaded place.
  4. Strain the tincture, filter or pull it with a tube above the sediment and pour it into bottles.
  5. We stay for a minimum of 6 months.

* Iwona Wawer, Piotr Eggert, Barbara Hołub - "Aronia super fruit".

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