Delicious and healthy homemade pickled cabbage, beetroot, carrots with spicy Korean Gochugaru pepper

The idea for sauerkraut, carrots and beetroots was born in my head a few minutes after finishing pickled white cabbage in an oak barrel. There was some shredded cabbage and grated carrots. I prepared a large bowl of coleslaw from the ingredients. I added grated beets, salt and Gochugaru to the remaining cabbage and carrots, stuffed it tightly in a jar and left it to pickle.

Kiszona kapusta kiszona marchewka kiszony burak domowa kiszonka

If you don't have Gochugaru you can add any other hot pepper, in the amount you like. I often make kimchi, so a large bag of Gochugaru peppers is always in the kitchen cupboard. You can buy Korean coarsely ground Gochugaru peppers in online stores, e.g. w Cuisins of the World. This hot pepper with a beautiful red color, complex flavor profile and unusual texture is used in most Korean dishes, especially kimchi.


1 kg of white cabbage

150 g red beets

50g of carrots

20 g of rock salt

1 teaspoon of Gochugaru (or chili, as much as you like)


Cut the cabbage in half, cut out the core, chop or shred the so-called mandolin. Peel the beets and carrots and grate them on a coarse grater. The remaining core can also be grated and added to the silage.

Mix everything together thoroughly with salt and Gochugaru, preferably in a large bowl. Transfer the thoroughly mixed vegetables to a scalded jar or a stone pot and tamp it firmly. We load it (with a plate and a jar of water or a scalded flat stone), cover and leave for about 10 - 14 days at room temperature.

During pickling, we make sure that the silage is always flooded with liquid. For the first few days I look into the silage and knead or beat it so that the juices flow to the top. After 7 - 10 days, I try and when the silage is sour enough, I put it in the fridge or another cool room.

Tasty and healthy!

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