Homemade preserves. Pickled vine leaves, perfect for dolmades, which are small stuffed cabbage rolls. A delicacy in Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Pickled vine leaves are a delicacy primarily in Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine. They consist of various meat and vegetable stuffing with rice or with groats.

Dolma, tolma, dolmades to such our lovebirds, only in the mini version. The slightly sour taste of pickled grape leaves is quite characteristic, rather you don't eat them by themselves. However, when we roll it up with meat or vegetarian stuffing, we get a unique dish. It is worth a try.


  • vine leaves, without stalks, preferably young - as much as will fit into the jar
  • 1 l of water
  • 100 g of rock salt
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 5 grains of pepper
  • 3 grains of allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon of mustard seeds


  1. Boil the water with salt and cool it down.
  2. Place the dough in a scalded stone pot or in a jar until it is 2/3 of the cup. Add spices and garlic, pour over the cooled brine and load it with, for example, scalded flat stone, so that the leaves do not stick out above the brine surface.
  3. Put, for example, on the kitchen window sill. Leaves are fermented for about 7-10 days.
  4. Then it is closed in a jar with the marinade and stored in the fridge or in a cold cellar.
  5. Before wrapping the stuffing in leaves, soak it in water for about 30 minutes, because they are salty.
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