Green cocktail with cherries, grapefruit and carrots

Never throw away a carrot!

Not everyone knows that carrot sticks are edible . The carrot's tops are edible and, more interestingly, they say it contains more vitamins than its root.

Carrot parsley is the perfect addition to green smoothies. In my opinion, its taste goes well with all fruits. In addition to carrot parsley cocktails, we can make pesto, sprinkle chopped salad, potatoes or add to meat or vegetarian patties.

A cocktail of cherries, grapefruit and carrots is just one of many ideas. Carrot sticks go well with other fruits, try and experiment. I recommend a cocktail of carrot parsley, mango, a piece of ginger and lime juice - yummy.


1 pink grapefruit

2 cups of pitted cherries (can be frozen)

2 handfuls of carrots without thick stalks

200 ml of water + additional dose at your discretion

a glass of ice cubes


Wash and dry all ingredients, peel the grapefruit from the skin. Put the carrots, pitted cherries (frozen cherries), chopped grapefruit into smaller pieces, add ice cubes and add 200 ml of water to the mixing cup. We mix everything into a smooth cocktail. Fill up with water until we obtain the most suitable consistency and mix again briefly.

Happy and cheers!

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