Smrodina, strodynia, strodyńka, that is, blackcurrant. Homemade preserves - blackcurrant tincture.

Blackcurrant fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. Apparently, blackcurrant tincture, apart from its taste, has healing properties, just like most fruit tinctures. It is believed to have beneficial effects on digestive disorders as well as diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract.


1st stage

  • 1 kg of blackcurrant
  • 3 - 5 cloves
  • a piece of cinnamon bark (approx. 2 cm)
  • vanilla pod
  • a small handful of black currant leaves
  • 70% tincture alcohol - we need enough alcohol to cover all the fruit after pouring it, it is about 700 ml

Stage II

  • sugar - the amount of sugar depends on the amount of liquid obtained by separating the fruit, add 100 g of sugar for each liter

Stage III

  • multiflorous honey - 1 tablespoon per liter of tincture (1 tablespoon or more, try and sweeten if necessary)


1st stage

Peel the currants from the stalks, pour them into the jar, add the cloves, vanilla pod and currant leaves. Pour 70% alcohol so that all the fruit is covered. Twist the jar on and put it in a sunny place for 3 months.

Stage II

After 3 months, pour the liquid into a separate vessel, screw it on and set aside. We get rid of the leaves and sprinkle the fruit in the jar with sugar (100 g of sugar for each liter of liquid obtained) and set aside again for a week.

Stage III

After a week, when the sugar dissolves, decant the juice, combine with the tincture, add honey - 1 tablespoon per liter of tincture, mix. At this stage, it is worth tasting the product, if we think that it is not sweet enough, we can add more honey. We close it tightly and leave it aside for a week or more. Then filter the tincture through several times folded gauze, pour it into bottles and leave it in a cool place for at least 6 months.

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