Plum truffles, healthy and delicious sweets

Who likes small and healthy sweets for one bite? Truffles made of prunes, tahini paste, coconut and sesame are a great idea for such treats.


The sweetness of these truffles depends on which plums you use. I have prepared two versions of truffles. The main ingredient in the first one is California prunes, in the second one is Suska Sechlońska.

Suska sechlońska is dried plum fruit, which is slightly sweet with a smoked aftertaste and aroma. If, for example, California prunes are used for dessert, the truffles will be sweet and fleshy.

Which truffles were tastier? Opinions were divided, so I recommend trying both of them.

Tahini paste, i.e. sesame paste, coconut flakes, sesame seeds, as well as good-quality chocolate for topping, you can buy in online stores, incl. in Cuisines of the World .


250 g of dried plums

40 g tahini (sesame paste)

2 tablespoons of rum (optional)

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon of salt

20 g of coconut shrims

For drench and wrap:

100 g of dark chocolate


coconut shrims


Pour boiling water over the dried plums and leave them for 15 minutes. Then we drain them, but leave the soaking water as it may still be useful to us.

Blend the plums, tahini, rum, cinnamon and salt in a blender until thick. If necessary, we can dilute it with a little water from soaking the plums. Add coconut flakes and mix. Use the mass to form balls the size of a walnut or smaller in your hands. Place the balls on a plate and put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Dissolve the broken chocolate in a water bath. Place the plum balls on a wooden stick, for example a skewer stick. Then dip in chocolate, then in coconut mixed with sesame. Put the truffles on a plate and chill them in the fridge until the chocolate solidifies.

I also recommend a recipe for chocolate truffles with cranberries

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Marzena 2021-11-30 17:25:34

Podsunęłaś mi świetny pomysł na prezenty. Właśnie rozmyślałam nad nimi i normalnie jakbyś mi czytała w myślach 😌


TajemniceSmaku 2021-11-30 22:10:16

To dobry pomysł 🙂


Bernadeta 2021-12-01 22:32:44

Uwielbiam trufle a takie domowe i do tego kokosowe to musiało być niebo w gębie.


TajemniceSmaku 2021-12-02 15:57:00

Ooo, tak! Są bardzo smaczne i zdrowsze od trufli tradycyjnych 🙂


Anita 2021-12-03 20:50:21

A czy można by zastąpić wiórki koksowe w masie truflowej?


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