Homemade gooseberry tincture with ginger and vanilla. Gooseberry - delicious drink. This is one of the most liked and appreciated liqueurs among guests.

I like to eat gooseberries raw, straight from the bush. However, I cannot eat them all, so I use the rest for baking, for preserves and for tinctures.

Gooseberry is one of the favorite liqueurs in my home. Every season I introduced minor changes to the recipe, but this version was collectively approved with the appeal: Don't change anything anymore!



  • 1 kg of gooseberries
  • a piece of ginger root - about 1 cm
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • alcohol 70% (about 700 ml)


  • 400-500 g of sugar


  • Vodka 40% (400 - 500 ml)


  1. STAGE 1 - Wash and dry gooseberries, cut the stalks and tails with scissors. Pour the gooseberry into the gander, add the ginger root and vanilla pod. Pour it all over with alcohol so that the whole fruit is covered with liquid. Close the ridge tile tightly and put it in a warm and sunny place for 2 months. After this time, pour the gooseberry alcohol into a separate vessel and close it tightly.
  2. STAGE II - Sprinkle the fruit in the gander with sugar and leave it for about 3 weeks. Combine the fruit and sugar syrup with gooseberry alcohol.
  3. STAGE III - Pour the gooseberry fruit with clean vodka again, leave it for 2 weeks, stirring frequently. After this time, mix the fruit alcohol with the previously prepared gooseberry infusion. We put everything aside for 1 month in a warm and shaded place. Strain the tincture, filter, pour it into bottles and mature it for a minimum of 6 months.

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