Homemade gooseberry tincture with the addition of ginger and vanilla. Gooseberry - an exquisite liquor. This is one of the most liked and appreciated tinctures among guests.

I like eating gooseberry fruits the most raw, straight from the bush. However, I won't be able to eat them all, so I use the rest for baking, for preserves and for liqueurs.

Gooseberry is one of my favorite liqueurs in my home. Every season I made minor changes to the recipe, but this version was approved collectively with the appeal: Don't change anything!



  • 1 kg of gooseberry
  • a piece of ginger root - about 1 cm
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 70% alcohol (about 700 ml)


  • 400-500g of sugar


  • Vodka 40% (400 - 500 ml)


  1. PHASE I - Wash and dry the gooseberry fruits, cut off the stalks and petioles with scissors. Pour the gooseberry into a demijohn, add ginger root, vanilla stick. Pour the alcohol over the whole thing so that all the fruits are covered with liquid. Close the gander tightly and leave it in a warm and sunny place for 2 months. After this time, pour the gooseberry alcohol into a separate container and close it tightly.
  2. SECOND STAGE - Cover the remaining fruits in the demijohn with sugar and leave for about 3 weeks. Combine the fruit and sugar syrup with the gooseberry alcohol.
  3. III STAGE - Pour the gooseberry fruits with pure vodka again, leave for 2 weeks, stirring often. After this time, the resulting fruit alcohol is mixed with the previously prepared gooseberry infusion. Leave the whole thing for 1 month in a warm and shady place. The tincture is strained, filtered, bottled and aged for at least 6 months.

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